Saturday, May 30, 2009

Faithful Fish

Faithful Fish is a designer Christian lifestyle clothing company that inspires Christians everywhere to "proudly wear their faith". The company was started by a 20 year old named Chelsea Eubank. She had been a good Christian and once wanted to express her faith at school. However she couldn’t find anything perfect and ended up creating "Faithful Fish".
From Faithful Fish, emerged the idea of Wear It Wednesday. The “Wear It Wednesday” campaign encourages students to wear their favorite Christian shirt (Christian band, FCA, youth group, etc.) to school on the first Wednesday of each month.
The initial goal of the “Wear It Wednesday” campaign is to have 500,000 students log on to and register their intention to “wear their faith” on the first Wednesday of each month. Students can then take pictures of themselves and their friends wearing their faith-branded shirts and post them to the Wear It Wednesday website to encourage and inspire others.

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