Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honduras Earthquake

A very powerful Honduras earthquake has left at least one man dead after rocking homes in Honduras and Belize Thursday, collapsing structures and sparking panic in residents. The powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Honduras Thursday and collapsed homes, killing at least one man in Pineda de la Lima, according to deputy director of Honduras' Permanent Emergency Commission Carlos Gonzalez.

The frightening quake sent residents running into the streets at 3:24 am. The epicenter of the quake, according to the Associated Press, was 80 miles northeast of La Ceiba, Honduras. According to Gonzalez, the damage didn't stop at just homes: "Dozens of workers have been evacuated from factories in San Pedro Sula (in northern Honduras) because the buildings have cracks."
"There are cracks in the roads in several cities." Electricity is out in many areas and water towers were found to have toppled over. A tsunami watch for the area, however, was canceled.
National Emergency Minister Melvin Hulse told residents via radio broadcast: "I urge you not to panic, but to remain calm. Your government is monitoring the situation and will be keeping you informed."

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