Sunday, May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle finale performance

Susan Boyle’s finale performance here in another post; the video is below the post. Have a watch if you have not seen it yet and if you’re from the U.S., let us know your reaction to the Britain’s Got Talent finale and Susan Boyle losing. Why does the U.S. love Susan Boyle so much? Is it because Susan Boyle received more attention from the U.S. media or is it a different attitude towards Susan?
The U.S reaction to the British Press has not been good, they feel that Susan Boyle was given a really hard time and that may have gone against her in Britain’s Got Talent 2009. It would be interesting to see what the outcome of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 finale would have been if the United States were allowed to vote. We are sure Susan Boyle would have taken the crown.
If you’re a fan of the Susan Boyle phenomenon, you’ll want to check out Susan’s final performance, which aired on Britain’s Got Talent minutes ago. And if you’re not a fan, perhaps rejoice in the fact that this social media obsession - which credits its spread to YouTube (YouTube reviews), Twitter (Twitter reviews) and Facebook (Facebook reviews) - is perhaps nearing an end.

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