Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whistler SL500

Whistler SL500: I met DE-1732 back in Toronto. I’d been wanting to start a band for a while, but I’m kind of a no-frills guy. Not much of a rock star, you know? So I was at our church beaver roast one Friday when I saw this really cool-looking radar detector with this wicked smile. When he told me he was VG-2 undetectable, just like me, I knew this was the guy.
Whistler DE-1732: That’s actually what our first song together was about. “Immunity”, it was called. “Uniformed inspector / Seeking your detector / His idea of fun is / Seeing you punished / But you’re immuuuuuune!” Whistler SL500: We oughtta do that one again. Whistler DE-1732: Yeah, it was pretty rough. For one thing, we’re illegal in some states, so that was kind of a hassle. And we missed a bunch of gigs ‘cause we couldn’t use our GPS.
Whistler SL500: The tour bus only had two DC jacks. We call it a bus. It’s really more of a minivan. Anyway, me and DE-1732 had to use those jacks. So no GPS, no gigs, no payment. Nobody wants to pay you in this business. Whistler SL500: Now we got this deal going with this discount deal-a-day web site. I think it could totally turn things around.

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  1. This site has Whistler and other detectors in the deal a day format. They usually show up once or twice a month...