Wednesday, June 15, 2011

R Kelly

R Kelly

The song "Taxi Cab" R. Kelly's 2010 album, Love Letter, a 44-year R & B superstar roughly painted a picture of a memorable reign back. It sounds like a pop hit with the epic tone of the proper melodramatic delivery. This kind of song Michael Jackson would return to the top of the charts, he did not prematurely left this world.

"Taxi Cab" is actually a few moments with the Love Letter to consciously pay homage to the King of Pop. Kelly builds on the "Remember the Time" ad-lib, like shouting, "This is not Feelin 'Love' and he is like a bonus track tribute to his own version of "You Are Not Alone", a beautiful melody written by Jackson records in 1995. And Kelly is much more than a mimic of the following cases: he manages to MJ Gold, heart string pulling his voice.

Love Letter - an album that I first heard a few weeks ago and immediately regretted the 2,010 spectators at the end of the year lists - Kelly is confident in the realm of a few other legendary crooners. I damn near out-of Percy Sledge "When a woman loves," and newcomers Tues Michelle will help upgrade the Marvin / Tammi style duet "Love Is."

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