Friday, June 17, 2011

Rebecca Black Friday

Rebecca Black Friday

This is a black Friday, and even for fans of Rebecca Black Friday. In his (in) famous video of the single Friday removed from YouTube due to legal wrangling over rights to the song. A classic case of girl-meets-record label, a subsidiary, the unexpected star and girl-fight-by record label, Black and his team are struggling Ark Music Factory on the right, the song that became a YouTube sensation , which accumulated 160000000 times. Ark began charging $ 2.99-per-view a clip of interviews with black and his lawyer gave a moving message on YouTube and get controversial.

The $ 2.99 price in the music video to watch, we do not know for sure that the Ark Music Factory are looking for even more profit in the Miss Black infamous song and video search, or even a bug in the system. But now that the music video from the Internet, let us rejoice (or cry, a few), and lose precious hours of oxygen in a parody of the song and watch movies instead of black and Rebecca.

Black Ark's parents paid $ 4,000 originally the song and video for the 13-year-old daughter. The reasons unknown to mankind, it was a demon squeaky jumper, or maybe the good old curiosity, treat, and you may decide that you want to pamper yourself with Rebecca Black "Friday" movie. Well, it looks like it would cost $ 2.99 for the full video on YouTube to rent, but the $ 2.99 rent and click the button does not work. The video disappeared from YouTube on 167000000 opinion and claims that Rebecca Black has pulled out of the map on the copyrights.

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