Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines says it suspended a pilot after his homophobic and misogynistic to an obscenity-filled rant in the cockpit, two Houston, CBS reports. The March 25 broadcast of a chance to show off Houston air traffic control frequencies, the flight does not cut off communication with the flight of the air, a movement that is also tied to the frequency of other flights in the region according to the second CBS.

CBS is unknown, the two pilots "can be heard talking to the co-pilot in the cockpit, expressing frustration, the airline was responsible for flight attendants so that it turns out to be not suitable for dating." "A steady stream of warm and your grandmother and Grandes," he heard the pilot in the cockpit at the Houston Center for air traffic control frequency. "Eleven (spare), over-the-top (spare) ass (spare) and the hot grandma," the pilot said, while complaining that so few flight attendants who have their standards.

Listen to audio (beep-heavy, but graphic), the pilot appeared to have ignored any persons to marry. Air traffic controllers tried to cancel the flight several times to show off, but the pilot seemed to be unaware of the experiment. According to CBS after two tape public, "Houston air traffic controllers first alerted the Federal Aviation Administration inspectors on March 25, 2011, around 13:30, and the supervisors sent the tape of the episode to act against a Southwest Airlines pilot."

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