Tuesday, June 15, 2010

big butter jesus

big butter jesus

The King of Kings statue of Jesus Touchdown Jesus aka Big Butter Jesus statue in the statue, which was on the grounds of the famous Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio reportedly was damaged by lightning which struck midnight June 15th that . Reports The six-story statue, his arms raised to heaven, is known as "King of Kings", and is also known affectionately as "Big Butter Jesus" by his attitude and color. The image is known by many other big names such as fire encuantra, which followed the lightning damaged the image and the surrounding area, but no one was injured. The Monroe Fire Chief said the damage was about $ 700,000.

The 'King of Kings "was the largest sculpture of Jesus Christ in America and was built in 2004. It was 60 feet tall and weighed about 8 tons. It is known as wood and styrofoam, carved on a steel frame and concrete from the outside.

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