Saturday, June 5, 2010

something s got a hold on me

something s got a hold on me

As any fan of the series know, Chandi is the amazing dancing dog "who got the judges to achieve the superlatives when she performed with Tina in the auditions and semi. Now William Hill has the dog jumping as 8 / 1 to win the final. They are the favorite room, but the bookmakers say they could surprise the smart bet and win.Since I was a dog Lassie as seemingly talented as Chandi, who was first a bit of ballet and Tina QuickStep out in the first heat treatment and then came last week by shimmying, dodge and even wrapping her legs around an umbrella prop. "I love her," said Simon Cowell. There is nothing of the passion that Tina, 37, a music teacher from Shropshire, has for his pet only, however. "She is the center of my universe," trusted Tina mid-rehearsal for Saturday's final. "There is no other way to describe it. I love her."

She remembers vividly when Chandi, who is nearly 12 years, Telford kennel except November 11, 1998. "I do not know under what circumstances ended up there, but was hired to be reinstated at the time came for me a dog," she says. "I walked into the office and very small head with a pink nose and big ears that were too big for her only peeked from behind the legs of a man who worked there. I said in jest:" I like that is available is "not think for a second that a beautiful animal and the dog of my dreams would come true. He said, "Well, she's yours if you want. "She was fed and clean. I had just a few small problems we had to figure out, but what dog would not be in this situation?"

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