Tuesday, June 15, 2010

justin bieber breaks neck

justin bieber breaks neck

There is a rumor online Hits: Justin Bieber allegedly broken neck in an accident. To our knowledge, this is not true: it is a false rumor circulating online about another celebrity - this time about 16 years old Canadian singer and idol Justin Bieber.

So far no officials have posted some news about the alleged incident Bieber. This is just another celebrity death rumor circulating on the Internet. Remember that news about the crash of Russell Crowe? That was false too.Rumors of the death of several celebrities is not new - the thing "hoax of death" from 1945, when a rumor about the death of Charlie Chaplin began circulating around the press. One of the most famous hoaxes died in the death of Paul McCartney in the 1960s.

Sometimes, cheating death counter-productive. When Michael Jackson died, most of his fans believe that this news just a hoax death. Well, this time it was true.Therefore, everything that Justin Bieber fans around the world, remain calm and not panic: Justin is right. He is not dead, it has not broken his neck. This is just a ruse to try to graze your brain. There is only one way to avoid this kind of deception of fear: check credible sources to confirm.

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