Thursday, June 24, 2010

goodbye in italian

goodbye in italian

How do you say hello in Italian. Arrivederci! Ask the Italian football team has just retired after being sent home. Slovakia not only in Italy, but World Cup history by defeating the defending interrupted the World Cup 3-2 in a great game. The stunning game that the Italians say Arrivedeci after the Italian press had hailed Slovakia thriller Johannesburg.

Robert Vittek took the game through the impressive unity of the Italian team Marcello Lippi, with an impressive 25-minute opener. Italians awoke and turned. But it could only hold Vittek score. A return to something else and could not act. Stunning.The first half was over and then began the second half and Vittek back harder and stronger than before. Vittek added another guest who was driving the defending champions.

It was over, not just Italians were surprised, but she's beaten World Cup was speechless. It comes from nowhere to beat world champion Italy 3.2. F throug Slovakia as a finalist in the group and the Italians say Arrivederci Baby!