Friday, June 18, 2010

usa slovenia world cup

usa slovenia world cup

If there is a question World Cup was not popular in the United States, questions were asked on Friday to rest. The United States, with the star Landon Donovan in the lead, fought a team game that Slovenia had much to look at the map, a 2-2 draw. But the score World Cup match should have been "USA vs. Slovenia: USA 3, Slovenia 2.

That third goal of the U.S. scored by the U.S. sub Maurice Edu, after the first kick Landon Donovan, was not told by the referee Koman Coulibaly, who called for a penalty of mysterious accused the United States for its offside when there was no evidence of such request return, has sent many Americans into a lather angry.

Watching the game the steps of Rome in the north of San Francisco, Playa district, my friend Beth Schnitzer texted that arbitrators "game" in the United States won. There is a Facebook group called "Fire Koman Coulibaly World Cup Ref NOW!" has begun and is gaining members. And a person unknown to many, World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly, has been successful in the U.S. Soccer fans and former NFL Ref Fred Swearingen - who had two very bad calls in two playoff games of the NFL - is in Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys fans.

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