Tuesday, June 8, 2010



No xerostomia in sports bettors, as water began within days of betting.World Cup odds have moved, but first is the NBA Finals on ABC Game 3 between the Celtics and Lakers of Los Angeles. Boston Celtics-Lakers NBA propagation is the home favorite of 2.5 with a total of 192.Here is the official betting preview. The Lakers are erect and 70-30 against the spread 44-54. Boston is up 63-38, 46-53, but only for the bookmakers.

The Lakers average 100.1 points per game on the road compared to Boston 99.4 at home. However in the stats that successful NBA handicappers consider more important, the Green Guys get the edge. The Lakers make 45.7 percent of their shots on the highway, compared to Boston nailing 48.2 percent in Beantown.

Defensively, the deceptive raw numbers give Boston the upper hand. They allow just 95.2 points per game in front of home fans, the Lake Show 99.8 on the road. But LA allows 45.1 percent shooting, which is .3 less than Boston.

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