Friday, June 18, 2010

koman coulibaly

koman coulibaly

Koman Coulibaly is a famous referee. Sometimes the referees are judged by how they officiate the games. Therefore, Koman Coulibaly, which was assessed in a terrible, terrible officiating a game that is indisputable. Could it be the players or did not know how to arbitrate the game. Bad luck for Koman Coulibaly. Everybody says that the referee Koman Coulibaly was pretty terrible. I think the referees will not be liable.

They are the only ones who pay attention to the game. The referee is the sole responsibility that too many players. Course that referees have a role in impostant the game, but sometimes we have to understand them. Unfortunately, here, Koman Coulibaly shown its weakness as a referee, it was just to be tried by the people.

Coulibaly Koman, referees his first World Cup game, called "bad" about Maurice Edu at a critical time in U.S. against Slovenia, which would have given Americans a 3-2 lead.Coulibaly, a native of Mali, since 1993 the ar bitration. He cites a series of matches of the African Cup of Nations 2010 including the final, but never before a World Cup match until today.

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