Wednesday, June 30, 2010

randall cunningham

randall cunningham

The son of two years-old former star of the NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham, who died in what authorities called a backyard now apparent accident.The office hot tub Clark County coroner's child identified as Christian Cunningham and said the cause of death was waiting.

The Vegas police officer Martin Marcus, a department spokesman said the death appeared to have been accidental death, but authorities were still investigating.Cunningham, 47, is a preacher and pastor of a church six blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard walks with his wife, Felicity. Cristiano Cunningham was the youngest of four children.

Messages left by The Associated Press for the family in the church and Cunningham's home were not immediately returned Wednesday. A church official said on Wednesday it had no immediate plans for a monument service.en man was described as a family friend at the door of the house of stucco two floors with five bedrooms, a reporter said The Associated Press in the family was the comment of direct descent.

Cunningham was in town Monday, based on the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which first reported the death.Martin boy said police were called late Tuesday in Cunningham's house in the southeast of Las Vegas after an adult the house a number of other children found the boy in the hot tub and began trying to resuscitate.

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