Saturday, June 12, 2010

usa vs england world cup

usa vs england world cup

Let's get this straight. Emile Heskey should have scored. Racing past Onyewu, who bad a challenge, the British striker had only green between him and Tim Howard. A shot at close range with everything they had, and Heskey, but with an attendance of that game, could only watch as Howard picked it up.

After struggling with a deficit of more than half of the United States again just before half as a so-so kick by Clint Dempsey the English goalkeeper Robert Green just could not sustain. A stroke of luck? Maybe. However, the United States played a strong after having an early goal from Steven Gerrard England. Liverpool's star player, the rhythm team of English, covering the entire field, apparently, the U.S. sold frustrating. American goalkeeper Tim Howard was afraid when he left after a collision, but remained in the game. I'm looking for a very, very strong second half.

It was an easy target, I almost give a goal. Robert Green in the wet field, could not contain weak shot on goal by Clint Dempsey and the ball bounced to the right and into the net. Dempsey, the former star of the New England Revolution, who now plays for Fulham, he looked up and kissed the sky, a gesture that always post-goal created in memory of her older sister, who died at 16 years.

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