Saturday, June 5, 2010

drew peterson

drew peterson

Authorities in rural Illinois Saturday began excavating the remains of the missing woman Stacy Peterson, Fox News is a new track confirmed.Following in the disappearance of women, the authorities sought to "human remains" in an area east Peoria , Illinois, Chicago Sun-Times Saturday.

Sources reportedly told the investigators, the use of dogs, hunting an area east of Peoria searched on Friday and returned on Saturday and then dig in a specific area.

Peterson disappeared in October 2007. His case drew national attention after her husband Drew Peterson, 56-year-old former policeman, was appointed the defendant, in his disappearance and death of a former wife.If the state police visited the camp on Saturday, Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky, called the situation "ridiculous."Brodsky said Peterson's position that Stacy ran off with another man.

"This report on Stacy Peterson is just another in a long list of baseless accusations against Drew Peterson," Brodsky said in a statement Saturday."Ever since Stacy disappeared, there are many rumors, gossip and reports on Drew Peterson. All these stories have in common is that they always turn out to be false and no facts or evidence supporting," said

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