Friday, June 18, 2010

gail posner

gail posner

Brett Carr is not a happy camper, not only his mother Gail Posner recently died, but now he goes to court to challenge their will - for $ 3,000,000 let her three dogs, and only $ 1,000,000 for it, as New York Daily News.

But would not that cut and dried as that. Carr goes to court over the issue of carers of their parents have benefited from her mother in her last days. He claims that she got to change without fully understand what she was doing - if the will were his assistants provides a lump sum of $ 26,000,000.The woman loved her dog a lot, however. Prior to his death he gave his dog a Cartier diamond necklace, Conchita, weekly visits and a gold whirlpool Escalade! Wow.

Carr is the grandson of well-known businessman Victor Posner, who also contested after his death in 2002. Victor was the man who in large measure for the first time in the leveraged buyout, and is best known for the hostile takeover of Shelly Steel Corporation in 1969.

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