Sunday, February 27, 2011

bob hope

bob hope

The power of technology today, we can experience the things that just are not possible otherwise. In the modern era's favorite Oscar host announced just such a chance for 83 Annual Academy Awards (V., 8:30 pm on ABC), is a glimpse into a world where all-time favorite Oscar host could again chair.

Billy Crystal came out, and slipped easily into the hosting position to joke about the show runs long dragon and stabbing his Hollywood leading man looks.

He told the story of a 18-connection is also shared Oscar host Bob Hope, the Academy Awards. Crystal was hostile and Hope shared a special gesture to the camera with her, and then another down.

He asked us to imagine what it would be to hope again before receiving the magic of technology can only be free. I hope he cracked a few jokes in the classic Oscar before the introduction of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the prize, the better the visual effects are present.

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