Thursday, February 17, 2011

miguel cabrera

miguel cabrera

Little more than a year ago, I heard talk about Miguel Cabrera, he changed his life. I wanted to believe him.

He said he had not touched alcohol in months - Since October 2009 the excesses that led to six hours of wrangling, which hit his wife. He is credited counseling sessions to help her to life in order. Talked about wanting to become a better husband and father.

"It's a wonderful life right now," Cabrera told us. "Everything comes through perfectly. I'm happy."

Now, the beginning of a new season, all is far from perfect for Cabrera. And when the alcohol, who can put the word back?

Cabrera, 27, was arrested late Wednesday night in Fort Pierce, Florida, and charged with driving under the influence. He is also charged two counts of resist arrest. And here we thought that baseball's Albert Pujols was the biggest distraction of Southeast Florida.

The details of that episode, the police report, Cabrera, and shook his head sadly:

... If an officer asked who was with him, Cabrera said: "I f ------ kill you." (He was alone in the vehicle.)

... Cabrera, James Buchanan was drinking a bottle of Scotch whiskey on the road, in the presence of at least one officer.

... Cabrera refused the instructions of officials at one point he says, to obey, "You know who I am?" You know, I have no problem with anything. " When the officer asked for a patrol car Cabrera, Cabrera said: "F --- you.

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