Monday, February 21, 2011

is the post office open on presidents day 2011

is the post office open on presidents day 2011

Today is the day of the Presidents, and if you are like many people this morning, wondering what this means in your mailbox (as of this writing, Google Trends ranks of the phrase "the banks are open for Presidents Day" "The post office is open on Presidents Day 2011," Presidents Day federal holiday "and" universal freedom of 2011 "as one of the Top 10 searches).

Here are the answers, a practical question:

Mail it today? There will be a post office open? The bank will not open? Maybe, maybe not, depending on whether the bank (before you call the best, if the bank's website to check before leaving, especially the daily weather like today).

Presidents' Day - legally called Washington's Birthday - USPS is a federal holiday, and celebrated the holiday the third Monday in February (although the actual anniversary of the first president on February 22). This is good news when a federal employee, and today, but not so great news if the edge of your seat waiting for the refund to come in the mail.

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