Sunday, February 27, 2011

luke matheny

luke matheny

Luke math, the surprise winner, who took home the prize for live action short, "God is Love" on Sunday, a graduate student at New York University film program. So safe to say that his comfort zone under the stars event.

The red carpet at the Oscar broadcast, Matheny admitted he was "behind Robert Downey Jr., he tries it on TV."

And the nominees lunch earlier this month, a student, was beaten as a star.

"Being in a room, and there is a famous man, this is very disturbing," he said backstage. "But the candidates have had lunch, wall to wall, and I clicked on the species and at other levels of reality."

Matheny is not a new reality, he said, despite a barrage of congratulations that you got your family and friends.

"I'm still processing e. I have 73 unread messages, 50 unread e-mails," he laughed.

Yesterday evening, his Facebook page, Matheny said, sent a message of gratitude for his NYU friends.

"I sent a link, said:" This is what I feel, "and that was the end of the clip van'It a Wonderful Life." In order to summarize what this experience is. "

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