Friday, February 25, 2011

charlie sheen rant

charlie sheen rant

"Two and a Half Men" was removed for the season on Thursday, and here's why: Charlie Sheen has a long rant on Alex Jones Radio Show on Thursday, touting the power of spiritual healing, ninja training, magic fingers, as well as the most coherent, rip "Two and a Half Men "creator Chuck Lorre - who attacked an ultimate fighting match. This is a gem.

Select a few bytes. Lorre first:

"I'm tired of being told:" You can not talk about it, we can not talk. "Bull shit .. there is something on this side of it is regrettable that a certain Chaim Levine - yes, this is the real Chuck's name - a rock star, who mistook their own exit strategy, selfish, brother Check Alex: I'm embarrassed him in front of children and healing of the world at a pace that mind evolved to process. Last I checked, Chaim, I spent nearly the last ten years of effort and magically turn the boxes of pure gold. And thanks to the work of getting elected this sham, which may be required. It is clear who I believe above the law. "

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