Tuesday, February 22, 2011

jessica hahn

jessica hahn

The episode on Tuesday (Feb. 22) "The View" Jessica Hahn in history as part of the theme of the show this week, interviewed people who were famous for their less than stellar reasons. Hahn was the infamous year 1980, because they had a sexual relationship with televangelists Jim Bakker when he was secretary of the Church.

Baker then imprisoned Hahn pays out of his mouth. Hahn Baker has always said he and another church member drugged and raped her, while Baker has always insisted that the case was the consensus.

Hahn during the segment on "The View" host Barbara Walters brought the problem of sexual relationship, in which Hahn noted that Walters wrote in his book about one thing he is married to a senator (Walters cause "of the then Senator Edward William Brooke III was described in his book" Audition "). The outraged Walters replied that he was there to talk to Hahn's life, not hers, then, Walters took a few interviews.

Hee. Had a number of other gems, such as the Hahn talk about how his deceased fiance's best friend "miracle" - was her fiance Ron Leavitt, creator of "Married with Children", who died a few years ago. Hahn also staggers around it as something they are high. We will video if we have it.

Hahn parlayed her infamous case, a Playboy cover and pictorial in November 1987 and again in September 1988. But my favorite thing is always related to Hahn, as played by Jan Hooks with "SNL."

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