Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tim Richmond

Tim Richmond

Tim Richmond love to go fast. He's strong, brave and the track speed is only matched in the way of life he lived off the pitch.

His hard charging life stripped of her career and ultimately his life, just before the amount of success that he was deeply ingrain the psyche of the American public.

However, thanks to the power of ESPN and 30 the 30 series, captivating story relevant to the eve of the Daytona 500.

The lives of literally the stuff that movies are made. Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder was loosely in Richmond.

Richmond was a hot-shot open-wheel driver who is a successful transition to NASCAR. Richmond was a NASCAR immediately. He finished 12th in the first race.

Days of Thunder, Richmond has also held the greatest success under the tutelage of crew chief named Harry. In 1986, Richmond and Harry Hyde rode their way to five wins, a third-place finish in the points and won the AP of the Year Award for co-driver Dale Earnhardt.

1986 Richmond appeared in the last full season. Just before the Daytona 500-1987, in Richmond diagnosed with HIV.

Richmond began to compete among treatments. That is, until the NASCAR disqualified from the results of the investigation of illicit substances.

It turned out that the banned substances were Sudafed and Advil. That the suspension will put an end to the tragic tragic story.

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