Sunday, February 27, 2011

kirk douglas

kirk douglas

Veteran Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas stole the show at the beginning of the 2011 Oscar broadcast. Helped in the reeds, Douglas was on the stage of the Kodak Theatre Award for Best Actress.

What gave the Oscar to Melissa Leo, Douglas has flirted with Oscar host Anne Hathaway and the room was a stabbing stabbing dragon Hugh Jackman and Colin Firth.

"Thank you," he told the audience applause. "And I want you, James [Franco], thank you. Thank you. You look better out of the cave. And I would like to thank Miss Hathaway. Thank you very much. He's a nice pictures! Wow! Where were you when you take pictures?" Jesus! "

The words of Hollywood star causes the audience to break out laughing Hathaway and send the air kiss in gratitude to Douglas. He continued: "There is something I must confess that I love women and I love beautiful women, and now I give you five of the candidates' -.. a Best Supporting Actress"

After the names of the candidates have been submitted - Leo "The Fighter," along with stars Amy Adams, Helena Bonham Carter in "The King" speech "," True Grit "star Hailee Steinfeld and" Animal Kingdom "actress Jacki Weaver - The camera back Douglas on stage, ready for the winner, or if the public is expected to announce.

"Hello ... Now is the moment when we all expected," he teased. "Hugh Jackman laughs. I do not know why everyone in Australia thinks I'm funny. Colin Firth did not laugh. He's the British. We have reached the most important part. This is the moment when I can. You know you're still laughing. Colin Firth's name. You know, I'll never forget ... Now we have a winner.

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