Monday, October 26, 2009

brooke hundley myspace

brooke hundley myspace
ESPN hired Brooke Hundley remained "expects", according to his MySpace page, even when her former lover, baseball analyst Steve Phillips was fired by the network on Sunday. Phillips was to control "treatment facility for inpatient treat his personal problems," according to his agent, Steve Lefkowitz.
In the report, Marni Phillips said that 22-year-old Hundley had sent her a letter graphically describing their relationship, even mentioning the former Mets' general manager's birthmarks. Marni Phillips called police Aug. 19 when she came home to find Hundley in her driveway. "I knew instinctively that this was the woman Steve was involved with and I was terrified," she wrote in a statement to police. Hundley also contacted Phillips' 16-year-old son through his Facebook account, according to the police report. "This woman has clearly displayed erratic behavior and delusional tendencies," Steve Phillips said in a statement to police.
Phillips signed a statement to police that he was going to press charges. Sunday there was a clear status of the investigation police. The report shows detectives planned to interview Hundley this week when he returned on holidays.

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