Thursday, October 29, 2009

curry glassell

curry glassell
Curry Glassell, Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Daughter of the gas line Transcontinental and deny Glassell School of Art Curry Glassell, the will of his father in a case that will go to court Monday. Curry Glassell a 52 year old mother of two children, and turns to argue against the last 9 lawyers want his father were responsible for sending most of its assets to charity.
Curry Glassell faces opposition by her brother, Alfred Glassell II and Alfred’s widow Glare, among others. Curry Glassell asserts if she wins, she would take home roughly $100 million plus land. If she looses, Curry Glassell could take roughly $3 million and land. “For decades, Mr. Glassell’s wills provided substantial gifts to his daughter and his two grandchildren. Only at age 87 did his will change to dramatically reduce those gifts. Curry Glassell contends that her father was heavily influenced to reduce these gifts by others he trusted at times when he was vulnerable.”
"He is a slender reed to grasp .... Unlike Curry Glassell lawyers claim the right, he was disinherited as well of his time, Mr. Glassell his life and where she and her two children to help her .... He got the money, and wasted it."

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