Sunday, October 25, 2009


Qnexa is a combination of two approved prescription drugs. A diet is a drug and the other is for migraine relief. Vazquez believes that the trend is going the drug could do affect the epidemic of obesity. "By regulating impulse control, the compulsiveness of control, we must be patient with difficulties in dieting, as it is difficult with the hunger and the like. That the drug, in theory, will address the issues and hopefully better results."
But if you think these drugs mean no need to diet or exercise, think again Vazquez says. "There's a diet component and an exercise component, so these drugs are not designed to be used alone. They are designed to be used with behavior modification and an exercise program." Vazquez is also concerned that some people may try to misuse the drugs if they only need to lose 5 pounds. And don't ask your doctor for them now. It will be at least a year before any of those drugs hit the market.

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