Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lindsay mac

lindsay mac
Lindsay Mac is a famous singer, composer and cellist. Up in Iowa City, she now lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lindsay started playing cello at an early age and by the time she attended Dartmouth College, she had already completed the classical cellist.
Lindsay does have a website where more news about her concerts and tours can be viewed. Linda Mac latest shows are to be performed at the Living Room on Oct 29, in New York city, on the Oct 30th at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlem, PA, on Nov 7, at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Ma, on 12th Nov at AS220 in Providence, Rhode island and Nov 21 at Driftwood café, Plymouth, Ma Lindsay Mac continues to grace the covers of many newspapers and music magazines. She is most well known in the North East.
If Lindsay wanted to be a singer or a writer, his first love has always been a cello and it's not good. Over the years, she performed frequently as soloist and a copy for artists such as Cati Curtis, Michelle Shocked, KD Lang, Glen Phillips, Girlyman and to mention a few.

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