Sunday, October 25, 2009

jeremy mayfield

jeremy mayfield
If he slept Sunday morning, you may not be the first Jeremy Mayfield 1 to 1 conversations Positive methamphetomines back in May. If you miss an interview on ESPN's Outside the Lines, you do not lose much. Mayfield told reporters Steve Delsohn that he never used the methods, and that he did not even know what. He also said, again, that he believed she was targeted and used as an example.
-NASCAR has no case against Mayfield. At least, not one they wanted to defend too badly on national television. Brian France, CEO of NASCAR, Dr. David Black of Aegis Labs, and Lisa Mayfield, stepmother of Jeremy, all declined to comment on their supposed case. -Also, former NASCAR driver and Mayfield’s former brother-in-law, David Keith, as well as three other people, have filed affidavits against Mayfield, claiming he used meth. Mayfield claims that they are all best friends, and that Keith has been mad at Mayfield since he divorced Keith’s sister and stopped funding his race car. All four of them declined to comment, as well.
-You can not feel that bad for the Poor Town. At least, not if you look at the house he and his wife try to build. Seriously, Jeremy, if funds are secure, perhaps you should think about downsizing, but slightly.

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