Tuesday, October 27, 2009

har mar superstar

har mar superstar
Har March Superstar says he originally wrote "Tall Boy" for Britney Spears, the singer does not fix it. Braveheart, the manufacturer does not plump up his own version without real changes in the gender of the song, which is likely, because it sounds homo erotic.
But we were probably confused for different reasons. See, I know who Har Mar is. In fact, I'm a huge fan of the balding, tubby Minnesota hunk of white funk thunder who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jon Lovitz' character in "The Critic." The singer (who also records under the name Sean Na Na and whose given name is Sean Tillman) has been making waves the past few weeks thanks to the outrageously weird video for the first single, "Tall Boy," from his new album, Dark Touches. In case you haven't seen it, two words will suffice: Eva Mendes.
Har March, the person named on the "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon as one of the developments of the original players in the last few years, Google has the collision and after more than a piece of America had unique styles in the wind Monday Fallon Show night.

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