Friday, October 30, 2009

here come the mummies

here come the mummies
Here Come Mummies (HCTM) starts Halloween weekend, Rhythm & Brews. This is one of the best shows of the year, with bandages and a man from the city of Nashville come to their own unique brand of funk. If you would like horns, drums and the band is very tight, then show you. Very successful group of studio musicians, the Grammy Awards HCTM your home, but the talent it took to win the coveted awards. This is a special event, because of their new, super high quality DVD should be the exhibition.
Saturday night, Buds has their huge annual Halloween show, with Bud Lightning performing before a packed house of costumed revelers. This is a big show, with a $1000 in prizes for the best costumes. T-Bones always has a great costumed crowd for Halloween, and this year they have the reunion concert of The Honky Dogs. I’ve been to several Halloween parties at T-Bones and always get a kick out of the patrons’ costumes. The Mudpie has their open mic challenge contest Saturday night, and the contestants get extra points for wearing costumes. There is a lot of talent at this event and it is always fun, but I bet this one will be memorable. If you go, hoot and holler for my brother, Bill E. Payne, in town from Roanoke, VA.
Weather Hallowwwwwweeen ... ghosts, zombies, witches and vampires, oh my! What will be for Halloween? I dress as a witch, they usually know, but I give out candy and Halloween is one of my favorite holiday of the year. I probably got a creepy voice "Hi, my Well, here is a gift for you" laugh at the stupid witch.

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