Friday, October 30, 2009

little buddy tracker

little buddy tracker
The "Little Buddy Tracker" is a must-have this holiday season to all parents worry about their children badass. This is a GPS tracking device that you put into your child's backpack or will notify you if your child leave the place where he felt would be.
As long as we’re not implanting chips into our kids I’m all for this idea. It’s a better solution than leashes or god forbid invisible shocking fences. According to reports, Kinderguard, the UK version of the tracker came out a few years back is doing quite well. The Kinderguard is a more technical device that measures your child’s vitals and alerts you if their heart rate, respiration or any other body part goes kaput. This desire for CIA-like surveillance powers over my kids is particularly out of character for me because I’m something of a civil libertarian. I’m, er, a proponent of the Free Range Kids movement which declares that our kids should have the same freedom that we did in the 70’s and before.
Well, the service remains in the still. I am officially now old-timer, that says something like, "Back in my days, life is different. We used to hold out until the streetlights came on. We used to ride our bikes around the block. No video games and Nickelodeon. But today young people to get driven everywhere.''

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