Wednesday, October 28, 2009

skydex technologies

skydex technologies
Skydex Technologies Inc has developed an explosion proof products. CEO Mike Buchen company claims that the product will bring a significant impact, but did not cause injuries. In the media recently of events, he shows the continuity of the product, which was impressive.
Skydex is manufactured in the USA from recycled material. Other Skydex products include seat cushions, helmets and pads which will hopefully prevent more serious injuries. It is hoped that by fortifying the humvees with these pads, soldiers will be safe from blast injuries and the vibration that occurs during a bomb last. Skydex started out as sport wear company catering to pads for football helmets. Since then the company has diversified and made padding’s for footwear, helmets, bike seats, play grounds, automobiles and snowmobile seating.
This product has been evaluated in several areas of Colorado and the first sample of the test explosion proof pads, and is now sent to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Company director, said that Skydex is very solid, strong and lightweight. But it is not cheap, but the General says, it saves lives, and not a comparison of costs, if it saves lives.

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